Tech-Forums is a technology community with a focus on high performance computers and bleeding-edge devices. Information relating to hardware configurations, laptop and netbook opinions, and even advanced larger scale enterprise business topics.

Computer Forums


Computer Forums is a friendly site for computers and computer-related activities like Web Design, Programming, Gaming, and more. Specific sections for updating your system, speeding up computer performance, security tips, and much more will make sure you’ve got all the … more info

Early Retirement Forums


Early Retirement is one of the leading online resources and communities for planning for early retirement and financial independence. This community was started in 2002 as an alternative to a then fee only Motley Fool. The focus of the discussions … more info

FireCalc Retirement Calculator


FireCalc is a simple, but powerful retirement calculator that does what all other calculators should. It has been featured in The Wall Street Journal. Thinking of chucking it all and retiring early, long before you start getting a pension or … more info

Discuss Cooking


Discuss Cooking is a premier online community for foodies and people who love to cook. Everyday tens of thousands of people visit our community to share recipes and discuss their passion for cooking. You can post your own recipes, try … more info

Mountain Buzz

logo_mb is the leading online community for white water boating enthusiasts, particularly kayakers, rafters, and stand-up paddlers during the summer and skiers and snowboarders during the winter.  Started in the Western US, we have a growing national presence. Users can … more info



U2 Fan Community, Pop Culture Webzine, and More. is an international U2 fan site featuring a lively discussion forum and a U2 themed and general interest pop culture webzine with a focus on new music. Users can post questions … more info

Aquarium Advice

logo_aa is a leading community of Aquarium owners and information. You can get information on just about anything related to aquariums. Help diagnose your fish or plants problems, read and post reviews of aquariums, filters, and more. Also available are … more info

The Royal Forums

theroyalforums is the leading online community and resource for topics about royalty, including ruling and nonruling royal families and their members, royal history, royal traditions and protocol. Get up to the minute updates on royalty news and rumors. Search and … more info

The Royal Articles


The Royal Articles is a division of The Royal Forums, the largest and most comprehensive discussion forum on royalty to be found on the Internet. The Royal Articles is a hub for great articles on Royalty from all over the globe. We … more info

I Travel, You Travel


I Travel, You Travel, or ITYT is a Travel Community built for people looking to research where to go, what to do, and how to do it while having the most fun. Check out the Area-Specific Travel Guides for more … more info

Factory Tours USA


Factory Tours USA celebrates American imagination and industry. What better way to appreciate those qualities than to visit and tour America at work. The information on this site is maintained by many people throughout the United States who enjoy visiting American … more info